The Final Bow: Immersive Theater Berber SF Ends Its 5-Year Run

Borhen Hammami and Tony Garnicki

To our beloved Berbers:

With the heaviest of hearts, we're making the unbelievably hard decision to close Berber's doors indefinitely. Our last day of service will be Saturday, March 2nd, 2024. Despite our strong determination to remain one of the last live performing arts dining venues in San Francisco, the prospects of sustaining operations successfully through the rest of 2024 are bleak.

While mourning the end of a neighborhood restaurant is devastating alone, there's an additional pang of sorrow when a local theater announces its final curtain call. The duty of the former nourishes the body, while the latter feeds the soul — and sadly, the absence of both will be a resounding loss for our Russian Hill neighborhood. Closing this location hurts deeply.

We hope this graceful farewell of a five-year era — born from a passion project between two cross-cultural friends — encourages our communities to continue supporting local restaurants and paves a new wave of culinary and artistic innovators to take our place.

During our remaining days, we are committed to serving you with abundant joy and heartfelt gratitude — for without an audience, there is no performance art. And without you, our cherished phrase "Berber! Love!" would hold no meaning. As this month celebrates love in all its forms, we invite you and your loved ones to join us for our final performances — our February calendar is full of live multidisciplinary art to experience and be moved by.

With deep love and appreciation,
Tony & Borhen