Our Letter To SF

Amid the latest news circulating, we'd like to address our current state of affairs. Despite our best efforts, we're in lengthy negotiations with our landlord regarding our Broadway home. Although it's been an arduous journey as we continue to support over 30 employees and 80 performing artists, we believe we will prevail. At this time, we're limited in what we can share, but we're persevering with our founding dream: to keep the performing arts alive in San Francisco. It will be months until we reach a final determination, which means Berber will be open for the foreseeable future. We truly hope our city and the larger Bay Area community will continue to support our vision by hosting events, dining with us, and experiencing the magic of our signature cirque shows.

Like many San Francisco restaurants and arts organizations, it's been challenging to repay back rent from the pandemic months at limited or no capacity, in addition to paying monthly rent. Our rent has increased since the pandemic, but as San Francisco has struggled to regain its pre-pandemic vitality, our revenues haven't grown to accommodate our rent obligations. However, our dedication to our founding dream of keeping the performing arts alive in San Francisco remains steadfast.

We believe in our city and its revival. We're protecting our artists and the culture our venue provides. Our story is still far from a triumphant ending, but as one of the last standing performing arts dinner venues in the Bay Area, your continued encouragement and support is beyond valuable at this time.

All our love, The Berber Team