Life Celebrations: Inspirations From Morocco

For the uninitiated, Berber's doors have brought audiences from all walks of life together to celebrate community, art, and culinary culture. Whether bringing together strangers to enjoy an immersive theatre production or preserving a shared space for ancient live performing arts — our venue thrives on celebrating the worldviews of others over a shared plate.

Diversity is plentiful in Morocco, with its gorgeous location bordering the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Born from the rich cultural influences of France, Spain, and Africa to Western Asia, it should come as no surprise that our kitchen and dining halls have hosted celebrations of all kinds. Our multicultural team has been proud to witness first (and even fourth) time engagement parties, imaginative company holidays, professional sports team celebrations, and international weddings with ceremonial tea.

While our reputation for being a landmark destination has not gone unnoticed — we recommend you read what Food Network had to say — we encourage our readers to see our venue as a cultural hub of imagination. We've made expansive efforts to stay true to our restaurant's keystone principle: emboldened creativity broadens perspectives. Expanded perspectives help overcome prejudices, which sadly, the world has enough of already. Even Berber's beginning infrastructure was intentionally designed to be changeable — we wanted our interior to have no limitations for private events.

This founding story serves as a reminder that our venue can transcribe any celebratory vision into full detail — from commemorating an anniversary of a year or fifty more, breaking fast for Ramadan, or concluding the end of an illustrious career (or a marriage — no judgments, we've celebrated a divorce party or two). Our private events team is ready to indulge your inspiration, creativity, and festivities of all kinds. Life is full of special celebrations, and our decadent spaces can be transformed within a few days' time.

Come celebrate with us with the private event of your dreams.